Three Pieces Curly Clip in hair Extension Heat Resistance Synthetic Hair- G846c/g3c – Auburn 33/30

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These hair extensions are much better as compared to others. Some of the features of these hair extensions are:

• 3 different pieces: When you’re buying these hair extensions, you would get 3 different pieces of varying measurements. Thus, you would be able to find the one which fits in your hair perfectly.
• Clip in mechanism: The clips which come with these hair extensions make them easy to attach.
• Easy to clean: You can easily wash these hair extensions with a mild shampoo. You would not need any special cleansers to clean these hair extensions.
• Low maintenance: As these hair extensions consists of synthetic hair, the maintenance which is required is on the lower side.
• Value for money: These hair extensions, provide you with high quality extensions, at an affordable price.

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10 in stock